Great Summer Reads 2015

“No more pencils, no more books…” No wait, not “no more books!” Summer is a wonderful time for books. Lazy days at the lake, long evenings when it’s light until 10:00pm, road trips and plane trips. Paperbacks, e-books, audio editions (paperbacks for the lake, e- books for the plane, audio for the car).

As it is snowing and raining and sunny in Montana and students are taking exams and looking forward to graduation, it’s time for the fourth installment of the annual Great Summer Reads. Once again, the list is a compilation of books that are fiction and nonfiction, law-related and not, new and old. In addition to recommendations gathered from law school faculty and staff, this year we have included titles suggested by students.

There is a little bit of everything on this list. I’m not sure where I’m going to start, but as I was receiving recommendations and adding them to the list, it became clear that I am going to have to take the summer off just to read the ones that have captured my attention.



And when you’ve made your way through this list, you can turn to the Jameson Law Library’s New and Recommended Books research guide which we update throughout the year as we receive new books.

Have a good summer!


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