Mobile Law App:Part 2 – Best Apps for Lawyers

This week guest blogger, Terry Gilham, brings us the second part of her series on mobile apps for law students and lawyers. Part 1, Best Apps for Law Students, was posted of February 19.

Keynotthumbnail of keynote logoe
For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch ($9.99 The App Store)

Keynote is Apple’s answer to  Powerpoint for IOS devices. The Keynote iPhone app lets you create presentations from scratch or from one of several dozen included templates. You can also edit existing presentations you’ve saved to an iCloud account or to another app. It is comprehensive in mimicking the desktop experience for creating, editing, and viewing presentations.

thumbnail of trialpad logoTrialpad 4.3
For iPad ($129.99 The App Store)

Trialpad is the Litigation app for organizing and accessing evidence.  It allows for adding files via Dropbox Box, and iCloud using wi-fi or Bluetooth.  You can import photos, quickly edit documents and re-upload via Dropbox.  Reports may be created from the evidence.  Trialpad has 5 presentation tools: Callout, Highlight, Pen Redact and Laser.  It allows for 2 documents side by side for comparison.  It also includes:  Exhibit Sticker and Admitted Exhibit Features; Audio and video capabilities,  ability to mark documents and partial documents as “key documents”.  Provides courtroom presentation capability on iPad and presents wirelessly with AppleTV.

thumbnail of dockelaw logoDocketLaw
For IOS or Android devices.  Pricing is by subscription and is available by State or by Court.

An app for rule based docket calculation and calendaring.  Available for 300 courts in over 30 states.  It is Jurisdiction specific and takes into account federal holidays.  Subscribers can choose only the courts they need.  The app allows a lawyer to manage the docket from anywhere.

thumbnail of audionote logoAudioNote
For iPhone and iPad and Android devices. ($5.99 on GooglePlay, $4.99 from the App Store)

The AudioNote app allows the user to sync audio with their handwritten or typed notes.  Audio is recorded at the same time that you take handwritten or typed notes.  The app automatically indexes meetings, lectures, interviews or study sessions.  Each note acts as a link directly to the point at which it was recorded.  Features include seeking directly to audio by tapping notes; highlighting of notes during playback; and inserting text, drawings, photos and highlighter notes.

thumbnail of camcard logoCamCard
For IOS or Android devices ($6.99)

CamCard is a unique card reader mobile app rather than a physical business card scanner.  It is a convenient way to save business card contacts.  Features include the ability to pull contact information from the card and store it in a contact program file.  It automatically detects and adjusts card images.  In addition, the app can connect to your email and if Microsoft Office is installed, can export contact information to those programs.


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