Passing the Bar

pass the bar2

The law library owns a board game called Passing the Bar: A Game of Legal Reasoning. The game is based on current multistate legal reasoning and is meant to be an interesting supplement to other study materials. The idea is that you can prepare for the bar exam and have a little fun at the same time.

Like other popular board games this one has a set of dice, a timer, a piece that is moved around the board and, of course, a bunch of cards with questions that must be answered correctly. Most of the cards contain a multiple choice question from one of seven legal topics that are also required law school courses: torts, contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, professional responsibility, property, and evidence. There is also a Justice deck of cards that includes legal trivia and game changing events like Lose a Turn, Go Back Two Spaces and Repeat a Topic.

The game reviews well and is often described as fun, thought provoking, entertaining, educational and so on. (

Passing the Bar is not for everyone however. One review said it was boring and another pointed out that it is not suited to those with no legal training or background ( ). It seems to work best if all of the players have been to law school.

If you are planning on the July bar exam, check this game out – you can have some fun, learn a few things, study for the exam, and take a break from studying for the exam all at the same time.

Passing the Bar board game is kept on the academic success shelf of the class reserves shelves at the circulation desk in the Jameson Law Library.


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