Animal Property Rights

It’s not every day that you see the seminal text for a new academic discipline but that is what we might have in John Hadley’s Animal Property Rights: A Theory of Habitat Rights for Wild Animals (Lexington Books, 2015).

When I first saw this book I thought it would be worth forwarding on to our animal rights professor. On closer inspection I decided that it wasn’t so much about animal rights in the traditional sense as it was about property rights. So I decided to forward it on to our property rights professor. Looking even closer I decided that this book is really about environmental habitats and natural resources issues and should be forwarded to the director of the Land Use and Natural Resources Clinic. Is this a cross disciplinary book or is it staking out a new sub-discipline in legal thought?

Hadley’s short book (there’s barely 100 pages of text) concisely presents the philosophical underpinnings of what he clearly sees as a future sub-discipline in legal thought – or at the least, a strong legal theory. From the introductory chapter to the last, Hadley methodically provides definitions, sets the background, introduces terminology, and outlines philosophical justifications for the academic study of animal property rights. He spends the last portion of the book answering actual and potential objections- a sort of clearing away of obstacles to the development of animal rights theory. I found this book fascinating and highly recommend it.

animal property rights

Call Number: HV4708 .F33 2015


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