The Law of Superheroes


The Law Library has all kinds of books. There are useful books, topical books, necessary books, highly technical books, but it’s true that there aren’t many books that are entertaining to just sit and read for a few hours. “The Law of Superheroes” by James Daily and Ryan Davidson is a pleasant exception. The authors take solid, real world legal concepts and apply them theoretically to the world of comic book superheroes. This makes for a very entertaining and more memorable approach to legal theory than usual.

In the book, we get to investigate and think about such questions as can Spiderman testify in court without revealing his identity, are the Avengers acting as a legal corporation, what is Hulk’s liability for the property damage he causes, do mutants have rights, is Batman acting as an agent of the state, and does Superman have to pay taxes on all those diamonds he creates by cruching up coal in his hands?

The number of areas covered in the book is pretty broad, including constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, criminal procedure, tort law, contracts, business law, administrative law, intellectual property, immigration, and international law. Obviously, there is not going to be a lot of analytical depth in any one particular area, but there is a good foundation laid down for each and interesting situations to chew on to get you really thinking about the implications.

Though the target audience for this book is most likely the general public, I think this would be most enjoyable for someone with some legal background looking for a different approach to educational material or some reinforcement of concepts already learned.

I think this book is a welcome addition to the world of legal information and education and would highly recommend it.


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