Is the Book for This Course on Reserve?

As classes begin, we are reposting this reminder from last year about what we have on course reserves in the library and how you can determine whether the book you need is available.

What is on reserve?

Currently there are two principles guiding class reserve materials for law school courses. Keep in mind I am not addressing Moodle materials or facpacs – just the materials kept behind the circulation desk in the Law Library.

  1. Required texts for required classes.
    This category is straight forward. These are the same required books you will find at the bookstore.
  2. Materials that are placed on placed on reserve at the request of the course instructor.
    This category is less straight forward because it often includes the required texts for non-required classes. This sometimes leads people to believe that all required texts are on reserve in the library – not true.

Can I have it right now?

There is an easy way to ascertain exactly what is on reserve for any law school course and whether or not it is currently available.

  1. Go to the law library home page.

image of law library home page





2. Find the link to the library catalog (in the menu bar, marked by the red arrow above).

3. Select course reserves.

library reserves

4. Click on Courses.


If your class is listed in the pop up menu, then there are materials placed on reserve for that class. If your class is not listed in the pop up menu, there are no materials on reserve for that class.

5. Select your class. If you select and search a particular class you will learn which materials are on reserve for that class.

last pic

6. Select the book you need. And if you select one of the items listed, you will learn whether or not it is currently available.
the real last pic

If you have further question about Law School class reserves, ask a library staff member or email Phil at

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