December Survival


It’s a very difficult time of year. The stress of final exams is thick in the air and anxiety and exhaustion are apparent on the faces I see around me. Oddly mingling with the toxic atmosphere are Christmas songs with messages of joy, but they also remind that the holidays have their own stresses that are bearing down. For you students, life is rather unpleasant right now.

It is only logic (since you feel stuck in the logic mode these days) that if you’re going to survive, you’ll have to take care of yourself. Your survival plan should include sleeping whenever possible, occasional meals instead of constant quick junk food, and stretching/walking breaks built into your study schedule. Though your brain and how much you can pack into it seems to be the only thing that exists right now, you still have a body to take care of, and that body has to carry you through this.

You may still remember when you had a life, and you should make it your goal to get back to it as soon as possible. Before you are a lawyer, you have to be a person. To be a person, you have to find joy and meaning in your life. Too often, being a person gets lost in the process of becoming a lawyer.

It is important to foster your final exam survival skills not only for the next round of exams but for the long run as well. There will always be stress, deadlines, and the tendency to get lost in the work. You will need to find ways to balance your life and let life inform your work instead of work destroy your life. Be a person first and a lawyer second.

With that, I wish you good luck with finals and happy holidays with lots of sleep and some serious fun!



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