Vampires in the Workplace


Being Halloween, I guess I can admit that I’m partial to vampires. It seems that zombies are the favorite Halloween character these days, but the classic Dracula was number one when I was growing up. Of course I’ve seen everything from Nosferatu and Lugosi’s Dracula to millions of questionable movies on late night TV and up to the True Blood series, which was a particularly interesting take on the whole vampire mythology. Vampires are such a part of our culture that we feel like we know them. Maybe we do! Maybe your co-worker is a vampire.

The article “The Vampire in the Next Cubicle” in the Employment Responsibility and Rights Journal (2012) has everything you need to know if you might be working with or supervising vampires in the workplace. I love this article because it’s not a fluff piece or a humor piece, it’s a complete and solid analysis of the legal issues that would be involved if vampires wanted employment.  It covers nondiscrimination in the hiring of vampires, how vampirism would be classified as a disability under the ADA, what is reasonable accommodation for vampire employees, and vampires and confidentiality laws. It also shows how existing laws try to adapt to new situations, which is a process of great importance to anyone in the legal profession. So I would recommend this article whether you’re passionately interested in the legal rights of vampires or if you just want a little Halloween fun learn some law at the same time. Happy Halloween!



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