Something for Nothing

When the three year lease ended on our library photocopier last spring, we opted for a new machine with a document feeder, scanning capabilities and network connectivity. Using the document feeder, you can scan both sides of loose documents in a single pass and either print them out on paper, save them to a thumb drive, or email them to yourself. Saving to your thumb drive and emailing documents are both free of charge. Printing things out the old fashioned way entails the old fashioned price structure: 10 cents per page. While that may not be the best price on campus, I can honestly say that the price of photocopies has not gone up in the law library in over 13 years.


The Minolta 454e will not print in color, three hole punch or staple but with a little effort it will collate and sort print jobs and zoom or resize an image. In addition, the basic functions of copy, save, send, scan, and print are very intuitive and easy to execute. The best part is that unless you really need that piece of paper, its free. It may be true that there is no free lunch, but free scanning? Yeah, we have that technology.


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