Law360 Legal News Service Now Available to UM Law Students & Faculty

Law360 is a widely-read daily legal news and analysis service from LexisNexis. Law360 provides continuous coverage of major U.S. litigation in 43 practice areas. Through their monitoring of federal dockets and regulatory filings, Law360 is often the breaking-news source for litigation and major transactions involving the world’s largest companies as well as federal court opinions in all their practice areas. In addition, Law360 provides links to documents and expert analysis.

Law360 will allow students and faculty to monitor up-to-the-minute developments in the areas of law they are interested in as well as search for expert analysis of issues in the news. It is a great tool for classroom current-awareness. Major law firms and corporate counsel rely on Law360 so students can begin now to learn a source many will encounter in their legal careers.

Law360 is available only in the Law School building. It can be accessed from the Lexis Advance search page or by going to www.law360.c0m (there is a link on the Law Library Databases webpage). Students and faculty can quickly & easily sign-up to receive daily email newsletters in 23 practice areas, including appellate, environmental, legal ethics, and tax, and 14 industries such as energy, health, and technology. To sign-up for a newsletter, just click on the University of Montana link in the top right corner of the screen and select Newsletter Signup. Users can also register to receive alerts when new articles are added that match their specific search terms. For example, if you are writing an article on wind energy, you can create a search that will find articles on that topic then alert you any time in the future a new article is added. This allows you to track new developments in real time.

To learn more about Law360, stop by the Law Library, attend a Lexis training, or visit with the Lexis rep next time she is here.


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