What if we don’t have it?

You’ve probably noticed by now that there are a lot of books in the library. Chances are good that you will find anything you need right here, but occasionally the need for a very specific book arises. You’ve checked the library catalog (make sure you checked Mansfield Library too) and we don’t have it here. What are your options?

The next step would be to again use the catalog to see if it is in the library of a UM affiliate campus. This could be Missoula College, UM Western in Dillon, Montana Tech in Butte,or Helena College. The catalog will tell you these locations, and you can place a hold on the book through the online catalog. The book will then be sent here through  the UM mail system. This is true of Mansfield Library books as well.

If what you need is still not here, ask a librarian for an interlibrary loan. We can use the library network to find what libraries have a particular book across the country. We’ll ask that they send it here for you to use. Expect about a week in the mail for the book to get here. The lending library sets the due date and renewals are generally not allowed, so when you get an e-mail notice that your ILL book is here, it’s important to pick it up promptly and return it on time (yes, the other library can charge us overdue fines)



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