Stand Up Stand Up…


What do Winston Churchill, Virginia Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway and Ben Franklin have in common?

Give up? They were all fans of the standing desk


  standup desk

To provide UMSL students with the same level of comfort that Winston et al enjoyed, the Jameson law Library has purchased three standing desk risers that turn any old desk or table top into a stand up desk. These stand up desks are available for check out (to UM Law students and Faculty only this semester) at the law library circulation desk and circulate for 4 hours.

Here are a few product details: you get a 20 by 24 inch desktop that can be raised from 10.5 inches to 14 inches high. Total weight is 14 pounds and the surface can be angled by setting the front legs lower than the back legs.  They are solidly built and (should) last many semesters.

The standing desk has all kinds of purported health benefits:  burning an extra 50 calories an hour, lowered risk of varicose veins, heart disease, diabetes, and (maybe) even living longer. Besides, sometimes it just feels good to stand up.

So if reading that legal treatise or facpac is making you drowsy, then stand up! Stand up and come to the law library and check out a standup desk.         


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