HeinOnline Now Linking to Case Law Via Fastcase


pp-blueIt’s always great when we can pass along good news and do we have some good news for you!  Now you can link to case law from publications in HeinOnline.  Look for case citations that are highlighted in blueClick on the citation and you will link to the case in either HeinOnline or Fastcase.

Fastcase?  What’s that?

Fastcase is perhaps best known for providing legal research services to 25 state bar associations (and in the near future to the State Bar of Montana) and dozens of voluntary bar associations — and now as the power house that helps integrate case law into HeinOnline.

What’s the case law coverage?

      • Federal cases include:
        • Supreme Court (1854 – present)
        • Federal Circuits (1924 – present)
        • Federal District Courts (1924 – present)
        • Board of Tax Appeals (vols 1-47)
        • Tax Court Memorandum Decisions (vols 1-59)
        • U.S. Customs Court (vols. 1-70)
        • Board of Immigration Appeals (1996 – present)
        • Federal Bankruptcy Courts (1 B.R. 1 – present)
      • State case law:
        • Covers all 50 states, with nearly half dating back to the 1800s.
        • Coverage for the remaining states dates back to approximately 1950.

When do you link to cases on HeinOnline versus Fastcase?

HeinOnline case law includes early editions of the Federal Reporter (1891 to 1922) and U.S. Supreme Court Reports.  Whenever possible, you will link to a case in HeinOnline.  When the case law is not included on HeinOnline, you will link to the case on Fastcase.  You’ll notice a difference in the format between the two.  See below.fastcasescreenshotweb

   But wait … there’s more …

You can also retrieve case law by citation on HeinOnline.  Look for the Fastcase tab at the top of the HeinOnline home page screen.  Click on the tab to open a citation search box.  You can copy and paste a citation directly into the search box.

fastcase-tab-pic2There is also a “Direct Citation” option, which allows you to type in the volume, use a drop-down menu for the case abbreviation, and enter the page number to find your citation.  To use Direct Citation, click on the Fastcase tab, but do not enter anything into the search box — instead, click “Get Citation.”  On the screen that appears, the Direct Citation option appears at the top left.  See below.

Fastcase-direct-citationBoth options retrieve the full text of the case in HTML format and can be downloaded to a PDF or printed.

Anything else you need to know?

Cases do not come with headnotes.  Nor can you “Shepardize” the cases.  However, you do receive a list of articles (if any) that cite to that particular case.

Tell me again, how do I access HeinOnline?

To access HeinOnline for your research, go to the Law Library Databases link on the Law Library webpage and select HeinOnline from the list.


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