All in One Place — Finding Calls for Papers and More

medium_3633878845Have you ever noticed that it’s not all that unusual to find several different car dealerships pretty much side by side along a certain stretch of road?  I asked someone once why this was so.  The reason given was that it benefits both buyers and dealers.  Buyers are lured by having a lot of options in basically once place and dealers end up with more buyers coming through their doors as a result.  When it comes to locating options for scholarly writing the same idea applies — it’s the best of all possible worlds when you can find several options in one place rather than having to hunt down individual Calls for Papers, Conferences, Symposia and the like.

In this post we offer a selection of websites that maintain lists of Calls for Papers and other scholarly writing opportunities for law faculty — and law students.

A word to students interested in scholarly writing opportunities:  In the sites below, you may have to search a bit harder to find opportunities especially for students.  But note:  Cal Western has a site devoted just to student writing competitions.  More on this site at the end of the post.

Keeping in line with the idea of congregating similar products in one area, we’ve included a linked list to each of these sites on our blog for you.  Look in the right column of our blog for “Calls for Papers & More.”  No need to search for this post again or to bookmark anything … well, except for bookmarking our blog site!

Legal Scholarship Blog

One reason why I like this site is because it offers the option to search by area of law, something you won’t find elsewhere.  Other features include:

  • Colloquia Series — list of colloquiums, some of which offer student or junior scholar opportunities
  • Grants — a list of organizations, agencies, and societies providing support for research, project, and teaching opportunities.
  • Research Dean — links to information on law review submissions, law review studies, articles on legal scholarship, research deans, and writing abstracts
  • Teaching — loads of information for prospective law professors and current law professors alike  (categories within include: general information, diversity, fellowships, process, casebooks, examinations, evaluation, pedagogical technology, technique & theory)

Legal Scholarship Network

From the folks at SSRN, this is a clean, no -frills website list.  Within categories, postings are listed by submission deadline date.  A small drawback — you can’t select by area of law.  Use the linked categories at the top of the page to go directly to the type of opportunity you are interested in.  The categories:

  • Calls for Papers and Participants–Conferences
  • Calls for Papers–Research Projects/Proposals
  • Calls for Papers–Journals & Books
  • Call for Applicants — Academic Programs
  • Awards, Grants, Fellowships, and Scholarships Available

Calling All Papers!

The University of Georgia Law Library maintains this list of Calls for Papers and Journals and Conferences/Symposia.  The default opening list is by date posted to the website and provides all details about an opportunity.  But, you can view a quick, unexpanded list by looking at the archive list in the right column and you can narrow your search by date using the calendar by clicking on dates that are underscored.

The Faculty Lounge Blog

As part of its conversations about law, culture, and academia, The Faculty Lounge Blog includes a category devoted to Calls for Papers.  Again, opportunities are listed by date posted to the website.  Each post contains a brief description of the opportunity with a link to additional information.

AALS Workshops & Conferences

The American Association of Law Schools (AALS) posts upcoming workshops and conferences they sponsor, which generally include calls for papers.  Events posted extend far into the future, giving you the opportunity for advanced planning.  Links to details may not always be available for events that extend beyond the next few months.

Just for Students: Cal Western-Student Writing Competitions

Opportunities are organized by title, topic, and submission deadline.  Simply click on the column header to sort by that column. For more information on a particular competition, click on its title.

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