Check – Out – Checkpoint!

Checkpoint Icon-greenCheck-it-out!  The Law Library now has an e-subscription to select materials from Thomson Reuter’s Checkpoint tax law database.  Checkpoint incorporates tax materials from the Research Institute of America (RIA) as well as several other well-known tax content providers, including Warren, Gorham & Lamont (WG&L), Practitioners Publishing Co. (PPC), International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), and Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA).

Below is a brief introduction to familiarize you with Checkpoint and what it offers.  I think you’ll find Checkpoint provides great tax-related resources on a user-friendly interface.

How to Access Checkpoint

 Checkpoint is located under the Law Library Databases tab on the Law Library webpage.  When you open Checkpoint you land at the  Standard View (see below), the default view for the homepage.  It’s easy to change your view, however,  by selecting another option from the “Current View” drop-down box.


What’s Available?

An easy way to quickly see what our Checkpoint subscription offers is to select the “Table of Contents” tab, which displays the list of 6 “libraries” plus tax news and archives categories.  For expanded “Table of Contents” detail, click on display options 2 or 3.  The screen shot below shows what Display Level 3 looks like.  You can also view an ABC list of titles available by selecting “Titles” from the “Table of Contents” drop-down box or from the left column.

ckpt-toc-display3 - 3rd

Locating Materials

Obviously, one way to locate materials is to use the expandable “Table of Contents” option to drill down through the various libraries.  You can also conduct searches.  All libraries offer a keyword search, and most of the libraries also offer searches by citation, date range, and legislation.  The screen shot below is what you will see if you want to conduct a keyword search in the federal library.

Ckpt-KW search fed lib

Getting Online Help

If you need help with conducting searches, I find that Checkpoint’s Help at the top of the screen is a good starting point.  Help has a table of contents and an index that you can use to locate answers to your questions.  For example, an index search for how to search legislation retrieves the  information in the screen shot below.


News & Tools Tabs

Use the Checkpoint News tab for quick and easy access to not only News/Insights, but also RIA Updates, Newsletter Library, State Legislative Highlights and Proposed Legislation, and the WG&L Journals.

Last, but not least — you’ll have fun (yes, fun) with the Tools tab, which has calculators for practically anything — auto, business, credit card, investment, loan, mortgage, personal, retirement, savings, and tax.  Want to know what it might take for you to save one million dollars?  Open the Savings Calculator and select “Cool Million.”


More Help — Checkpoint Training

Self-training options can be found on the Home Page or by searching Help.  If you would like some personal one-on-one or small group training on using Checkpoint, let us know.  We’d be more than happy to arrange a time convenient for you.


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