Time for a Little Mid-Semester Comic Relief

mf-flower with sunglassesYup, it’s that time of year — mid-semester — mid-terms are looming — tension is blooming.   It’s definitely time for a bit of mid-semester comic relief to restore some balance back into your lives.   With that in mind, we’ve gathered a few links to an assortment of smile-cracking, haha-inducing chuckles just for you.   So come up for a bit of comic-relief fresh air and a short respite from the daily grind.

Husband and wife team Maddy Dodson and Stu Reeves, Harvard Law graduates, have been publishing Stu’s Views since 2002.   After a stint practicing criminal prosecution, Maddy is now a full-time cartoonist.   Stu practiced IP law for a couple of years and now splits his time between cartooning and a solo legal practice representing — of course — hundreds of cartoonists.

…  I’m at a law school / Trying to keep cool / All of my prospects looking blue / Just doing my readings / Motions and pleadings / And case briefing International Shoe …    Sounding familiar?   Then check out Andy Loud’s YouTube video parody of Maroon 5’s Payphone.   Loud, now a 3L at West Virginia University College of Law, put together his music video in March of this year and it received over 100,000 hits in its first two weeks.   Loud also notes in this short article in  Law News Now that probably 10,000 of those hits came from his mom clicking on “refresh.”

Do you think you could write a six-word story about law school or a law-related theme?  Lisa Mazzie, legal writing professor at Marquette asked her students to write their own six-word tales, inspired by the story of a bet Ernest Hemingway won when he was challenged to write a story in six words.   You can find a few more of these six-word wonders at  Law News Now and at the TaxProf Blog.   Here’s one on law school:

  “Sanity sustained by pounds of coffee.”VasanthSarathy-legallydrawn-okaytousewithoutpermission-withlinkback

Legally Drawn is a cartoon blog started by Vasanth Sarathy (cartoonized right) while a law student at Boston University School of Law.   It features commentary on law, law school, law firms — basically, pretty much anything legal.   Sarathy currently works for Ropes & Gray, a global law firm of more than 1,100 attorneys.

How do you know you’re a law student?  Question answered at the tumblr blog collection named — naturally — You know you are a law student when…   Here’s one to get you started … “you know you’re a law student when…this semester’s textbooks are worth more than your car is…”

Let’s sneak in one more.   Andrew Jay McClurg is the law professor behind Lawhaha.com, a source for “large archives of academically oriented legal humor.”   McClurg (aka Tortman) teaches tort law, products liability, legal education, privacy law and firearms policy at University of Memphis School of Law.   Be sure to take a look at Tortland, “an odyssey into the great body of mishaps, missteps, misdeeds, slips, falls, spills, chills, thrills, botched operations, vicious dogs, tainted food, falling ladders, collapsing reservoirs, defective products, slander, libel, and pain and suffering…”  Some funny stuff here.  How about it; can you “Spot the Tort” in the picture below?rolling-tort-in-atlanta-300x237


We hope you’ve gotten a laugh or two out of this post and can get back to your studying feeling a bit refreshed.   Come back again whenever you feel the need to come up for some comic-relief fresh air!

Photos: sunflower via MorgueFile; sketch Vasanth Sarathy via LegallyDrawn.com; loaded car via Lawhaha.com

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