Docket Searching: Easier Than Ever on Bloomberg Law

True story.  It is easier than ever to include dockets in your regular research process.   You now have access to unrestricted, unlimited docket searching and alerts when you access the Law Library’s recently acquired database subscription to Bloomberg Law (aka Blaw).  With Blaw’s docket database, you can monitor new actions, conduct due diligence, or simply expand your legal research in federal, state, and even in some international courts.

Access Docket Searching from either of two places on the Blaw home page — clicking “Dockets” on the left column or by clicking on the “Litigation & Dockets” tab from the menu bar.  See figure below:


Notice that if you opt to select “Litigation and Dockets” at the top of the screen, a drop-down box with several Docket options appears.  See figure below:

Docket DropDown-options

One drop-down box option is “Docket Coverage.”  Clicking on this link brings you to a fully interactive map with options to view U.S. or international docket coverage.  When you scroll over a state or country, a box appears with the court name, type, and dates of coverage.  See figure below:

Docket coverage map-U.S.

When you are ready to run a docket search, click on “Search Dockets.”  A pop-up box appears and here you can filter your search by:  courts, keywords, docket number, party name, judge, case number, and date range.   You can also filter to retrieve dockets only or dockets and proceedings and/or by whether the docket is open or closed.   See figure below.

SearchAlert page

Finally, did you notice that you can also create a Docket Search Alert?  Click on the blue “Create Search Alert” link at the bottom of the docket search box, which retrieves another pop-up box.  See figure below.

SearchAlert popupName your alert, select how frequently you want to be alerted, and, if you like, include tags and/or a description of your search.  You receive an email when new documents are added to Blaw that meet your search criteria.  Notification are also stored in your Alerts Box.

That’s all there is to it!   Simple and fast.  But if you do have any questions about Docket Searching on Blaw, don’t hesitate to ask your library staff for assistance.


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