The Scholarly Forum @ Montana Law

This weekend marks the unveiling of the Jameson Library’s newest scholarship venture:  The Scholarly Forum @ Montana Law.  The Scholarly Forum is a digital archive of faculty and student scholarship.   It is a showcase of the various facets of the scholarly life of the law school and will initially collect and provide access to published faculty scholarship and selected student papers.   In the future, we may include faculty presentations and other conference material.   In the next couple weeks, the Scholarly Forum will also provide a new home for the Montana Law Review and Public Land and Resources Law Review.   Both journals will maintain archives of past issues as well as access to articles published in current issues.   We are unveiling the digital archive now with only a small selection of faculty scholarship but we will be collecting content over the next several months so that it will soon fully reflect the rich scholarly life of the law school.

The Scholarly Forum provides free, open access to the scholarship it contains.   The move toward open access is one of the most important developments in the dissemination of scholarship.   Through open access repositories, scholarship is accessible to all researchers– a Google search yields materials housed in open access digital archives.    Also, in addition to being part of the traditional published record, scholarship is now tied to the institutions where it was created.   Two clicks from an article posted in the Scholarly Forum will bring the researcher to the law school website and information about all the law school’s programs and the full life of the UM School of Law community.

The library is pleased to work with Digital Commons and the law faculty to create this dynamic archive and join with a growing number of other law schools in providing access to legal scholarship.  We are proud to add the work of the faculty of The University of Montana School of Law to the universe of legal scholarship.

Especially as we are adding new content, I encourage you to “follow” the Scholarly Forum @ Montana Law by clicking on the follow button — followers will receive email notification of new content as it is added.   Also be sure to check out the Paper of the Day, a daily highlight of Montana legal scholarship.


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