So…Just What Does Your Law Library Staff Do Over the Summer?

Just because law students are out for the summer we don’t close our doors and leave too!  No indeed; in fact, the summer months are busy ones for your library staff as we spend the time getting things refreshed and ready for the return of students and faculty in the fall.

Part of our time is spent at professional conferences and educational sessions, which are generally held in the summer to accommodate academic summer schedules.  Two major conferences that the Jameson Law Library staff attend in the summer are the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction conference (CALIcon) and the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), which provide us with the opportunity to meet up with our colleagues across the country to exchange ideas and share knowledge and to hear about the new ways they are helping their students and faculty.  At these events we also have a chance to talk with our vendors (such as Westlaw, Lexis, BNA, and CCH) about their products.

We also spend time over the summer getting to know the research agendas of our faculty members at the UM School of Law and assisting them with their summer research projects.  Expanding on this work, this summer we will be putting together and implementing the beginning phase of establishing a faculty services program.

pp-broom2 Summer is also the time we do some housekeeping — ranging from big jobs to those smaller and more mundane, but nevertheless necessary, jobs that keep the library humming along.  Just a small sampling of what’s in store this summer:

Conducting a physical count of our collection and cleaning up the stacks (t-shirt and jeans are de riguer attire for this job!); replacing remaining metal bookends on the shelves with attached hanging bookends; tackling the organization and the cleaning of the archival collection room; re-organizing the rare books room; cleaning up study desks and carrel areas; refreshing signage in the library; and exchanging the old computer stand in the mezzanine for a new one.

If that isn’t enough, one of us is teaching a summer school session on Indian Law Research and putting in some serious writing time to fulfill tenure requirements.  Others of us will be working on updating and adding to the library’s LibGuides Collection — a series of research guides on subject specific areas, and available from our law library website (in case you have yet to check them out).  And of course, we’ll be open and conducting our usual reference desk services Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl (or Jack a dull boy).  So we will be taking some time off to play as well because all this summer work is exhausting!  And we want to be ready to greet you all with our trademark energy and enthusiasm when the fall semester kicks off!

Have a fantastic summer!

Photo credits:
Broom by Michael Goodin via photo pin cc
Open sign by mag3737 via photo pin cc

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