Need a Little Legal Humor in Your Day? Of Course You Do!

Isn’t there a saying, “a chuckle a day keeps the doctor away?”  If not, there should be.  I think I remember Reader’s Digest claiming “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.”  As lawyers (and as aspiring soon-to-be lawyers), it’s good to laugh at ourselves … it keeps us grounded … or relatively so.  Of course, we all know that lawyer jokes abound … some for better, some for worse (the latter, it seems, more abundantly so).  Yes, it can be a tough life.  Sigh.  Thus, when we can find legal humor by lawyers that’s all for the better … right?  Okay, I’ll leave that determination to you.  Read on.

Charles Fincher and Alan Gerson, if you haven’t already heard of them, use the law as a foil for their comedic artistry.  Fincher calls himself a “lawyer (slash) artist.”  Gerson, in contrast, calls himself an “artist and recovering attorney.”

A prolific creator, Fincher has several comic strips to his name.  His “Scribble-in-Law” cartoons are described as “legally eccentric inside law cartoons.”  But if you’d prefer a glimpse into the life of partners “from the dark side,” then Fincher’s “Britcher & Prickman” series is for you.  And “for non-linear lawyers” there is “Off The Law.”  Gerson, on the other hand, creates “dreamlike” lawyer watercolors.  Take a look at “Habeas Circus,” “Problem Witness,” and “Motion to Suppress” for examples reflecting his rather “deep dark sense of humor.”

So, what’s the verdict?  Here’s hoping that we at least got you to crack a smile!

Photo credit: Avery Studio via photo pin cc

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