Montana Blogroll!

No, this is not something that lumberjacks holler out, nor is it something you can eat.

Remember the oldies radio stations? All oldies, all the time! Well there’s a blog out there that’s similar except it’s all Montana, all the time. Actually, it’s a whole set of blogs or what is called a blogroll.

Blogrolls are sets or lists of blogs that hover around a given topic.

I recently came across an interesting blog at and its equally interesting blogroll on Montana politics, news, opinions, commentaries, and viewpoints.

The Watchdog mission claims that the “Montana Watchdog operates as an independent news gathering organization that shares its research and findings with the public and other media organizations.  It is a branch of the Montana Policy Institute, a nonpartisan policy research center and an associate member of the Montana Newspaper Association. ”

While I found the Montana Watchdog interesting, I was even more taken with the sidebar blogroll that the site includes. The sidebar includes access to conservative sites, tea party sites, liberal sites, sites that stake out their own complex political philosophy, and, of course, sites that claim no political leanings at all.

These Montana blogs are important because there is a lack of printed resources addressing Montana legal issues, legislation, news, and politics. They are also important because they are interactive. You can make comments, have conversations, and engage in discourse on the topics that interest you.

You really have to visit the blogroll to appreciate it.  After you’ve visited and assessed the Montana blogroll, you may want to subscribe to those blogs that reflect or augment your political outlook. As a subscriber, you will be notified by email every time a new entry is posted on your favorite Montana blogs. Access the Montana Watchdog blog by clicking here.


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