Did You Know?

…that your Griz card will get you into the law building and the law library 7/24/365?

Yes, if you are a law student, staff or faculty member, you can gain library access anytime you want by swiping into the building at the Eddy street entrance. Use your card again at the front entrance to the library.  If your griz card fails to get you into the library, see a staff member.

…that you don’t have to be here?

Yes, you can gain remote access to many library resources by using your net ID and password. Click here for more information on remote access.

…that we take requests?

Yes, if you know of a book, CD, DVD, Journal, magazine, etc., that you think is appropriate for our library, request it!  We rarely say no.

…that the study carrels on the first floor of the library are hardwired for web access?

Yes, when visitors arrive and want to access the wireless network – which the University does not allow – you can send them to the library where they can plug directly into the network with a cable borrowed at the library circulation desk.


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