Welcome to the New William J. Jameson Law Library Blog!

The blog will be updated weekly with eclectic entries about library news, book reviews, research tips, new books and databases, and other interesting tidbits about the library and legal information. And watch for our “Did You Know” feature: legal trivia and interesting factoids discovered through the research of Jameson Law Library staff– we find the most interesting things as we do our jobs and now we’ll be sharing some of them with you.

To start things off, here is a sampling of what you’ll find every week in this blog.

New Montana Civil Formbook

Cynthia Ford, Montana Civil Pleading & Practice Formbook (State Bar of Mont. 2012) (REF KFM 9535 .C78 2012). Reviewed by Stacey L. Gordon.

Professor Ford’s new civil formbook contains text of the rules and committee notes, along with extensive discussion of relevant case law, and practice tips. Prof. Ford’s expertise in Montana civil procedure make this book an invaluable practice tool especially for new attorneys and attorneys new to Montana, but students and pro se litigants will also find it instructive overview of the civil litigation process. Chapters cover pleadings, claims, summary judgment, discovery, the pretrial conference and more. The book is available for $225 from the State Bar of Montana. It comes with a CD of electronic versions of the forms users can download and edit.

For another contribution to Montana practice materials by UMSL faculty, see Prof. Chuck Willey’s Montana Real Estate Transactions, also available from the State Bar of Montana (and in the law library at REF KF9126 .A75 W34 2010).

Black’s Law Dictionary for Smart Phones

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th edition, is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Mobile app versions of Black’s contain all content of the most current 9th edition, with hyperlinks to cross-references and audio pronunciations. The app costs $54.99. The app and more information are available at the iTunes Store.

A New Look for Our Catalog

Watch for the debut of our new look in the next couple days. Our catalog is a shared catalog that combines the holdings of all University of Montana libraries plus St. Patrick Hospital Library and Salish Kootenai College Library. In addition to the shared content, though, we have been sharing Mansfield Library’s look and it’s time for us to get our own. The law library catalog will still contain the holdings of all the affiliate libraries but will also include links to our electronic resources, library information, and website. Access the catalog here or via the new link front and center on the law library homepage.

New Books

  • Animals, equality and democracy / Siobhan O’Sullivan.  B105.A55 O88 2012
  • Honor & respect : the official guide to names, titles, and forms of address / Robert Hickey. REF CR3515 .H53 2008
  • Domestic politics of negotiating international trade : intellectual property rights in US-Columbia and US-Peru free trade agreements / Johanna von Braun.  HF1732.C7 V65 2012
  • Edison in the boardroom revisited : how leading companies realize value from their intellectual property / Suzanne S. Harrison and Patrick H. Sullivan. HG4028.V3 D38 2012
  • Insurance systems in times of climate change : insurance of buildings against natural hazards / Cornel Quinto. HG8051 .Q56 2012
  • American memories : atrocities and the law / Joachim J. Savelsberg and Ryan D. King.  HM1027.U6 S38 2011
  • Legalizing prostitution : from illicit vice to lawful business / Ronald Weitzer. HQ144 .W447 2012
  • Unpopular privacy : what must we hide? / Anita L. Allen.  JC596 .A44 2011
  • Evolution of a nation : how geography and law shaped the American states / Daniel Berkowitz and Karen B. Clay. JK2408 .B469 2012
  • Marine environmental governance : from international law to local practice / Erika J. Techera.  K3485 .T43 2011
  • Sedition and the advocacy of violence : free speech and counter-terrorism / Sarah Sorial.  K5253 .S67 2012
  • Zen of law school success / Chad Noreuil. KF283 .N69 2011
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act : from legislation to implementation to litigation. KF974 .A2 2012
  • Calculating Lost Profits in IP and Patent Infringement Cases 2011/2012. KF1250 .C352 2011
  • Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act.  KF1321 .G85 2012
  • Essentials of patent claim drafting / Morgan D. Rosenberg.  KF3125.C5 R668 2012
  • Making environmental law : the politics of protecting the Earth / Nancy E. Marion. KF3775 .M37 2011
  • Legal universe : observations on the foundations of American law / Vine Deloria Jr. and David E. Wilkins. KF4755 .D45 2011
  • Liberty’s refuge : the forgotten freedom of assembly / John D. Inazu. KF4778 .I53 2012
  • Effectively representing your client before the IRS : a practical manual for the tax practitioner with sample correspondence and forms. KF6320 .E38 2011
  • Status of forces agreements : foreign jurisdiction and congressional oversight. KF7669 .A25 2012
  • Telling it to the judge : taking native history to court / Arthur J. Ray . KF8205 R39 2011
  • Lawyers and the construction of transnational justice. KZ3410 .L397 2012
  • Unrecognized states : the struggle for sovereignty in the modern international system / Nina Caspersen.   KZ4041 .C37 2012
  • Anticipatory action in self-defence : essence and limits under international law / Kinga Tibori Szabó. KZ4043 .T53 2011
  • Sovereignty and jurisdiction in the airspace and outer space : legal criteria for spatial delimitation / Gbenga Oduntan. .  KZD1445 .O328 2012
  • Killer smile / Lisa Scottoline. PS3569.C725 K57 2004
  • Close case : a Samantha Kincaid mystery / Alafair Burke.  PS3602.U755 C58 2005
  • War time : an idea, its history, its consequences / Mary L. Dudziak.  U21.2 .D85 2012

Did You Know?

Black’s Law Dictionary (Bryan A. Garner, ed., 9th ed., West 2009) contains over 45,000 terms, including the term “headnote lawyer,” a slang term meaning, “[a] lawyer who relies on the headnotes of judicial opinions rather than taking the time to read the opinions themselves.”


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