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Un-American Activities

Pete Seeger died this week at age 94.  He was a man of so many accomplishments, though he said he thought his greatest accomplishment was finishing his book “How to Play the 5 String Banjo.”  He was simple and humble … Continue reading

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The Wig

Even though it has never been an American tradition, it’s such an iconic symbol that is still constantly used because it immediately denotes “Law.”  It is, of course, the wig.                     … Continue reading

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Enjoy Your Books!

It’s been nearly ten years since Google started the Google Library project.  People have divided feelings over the project, so in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’ve always been pretty darn excited about this.  The … Continue reading

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The Scary Legal World of Halloween

You already know that the legal world is a pretty scary place anyway, but Halloween is here and it’s time to revel in scary stuff, so let’s see what’s especially scary or “Halloweeny” in legal matters. If you’re into Contract … Continue reading

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What Happened in Vegas…..

I recently attended the Westpac conference (Western Pacific Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries) in Las Vegas.   Okay, the irony of law librarians convening in Sin City is not lost on me, but it was a wonderful … Continue reading

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Know Your Library

Well, here we are at the start of a new school year with a whole new crop of 1L’s and a whole bunch of returning 2 and 3L’s ready to dig into the heavy stuff.   I guess what I’m going … Continue reading

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Florida, Turn in Your Computers and Cell Phones!

Legislators have a pretty bad record on making reasonable laws related to technology, and we all know that sometimes laws get passed in a hurry without a full understanding of the implications of the law.   That seems to be the … Continue reading

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